GA with Serraied Tail in Stainless Steel

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GA with serraied tail in stainless steel

Thread connections EN 14420-5

Hose Fitting with Safety Clamps


DIN 2817 fitting & safely clamp are used for chemical, food and drink, petrochemicals, airport refuelling, liquefied gas, etc.

Material for GA/GI

Stainless steel AISI316/AISI304 by investment casting


1. Standards:

Safety clamps comply to standard of EN14420-3

Hose fitting GA/GI comply to standard of EN14420-5

2. Size:

Safety clamps available from DN13 to DN150

Hose fitting GA/Gl available from 1/2'' to 4” 

Name Thread Tail¢ (mm)
GAS015SS G1/2" 13.4
GAS020SS G3/4" 19.4
GAS025SS G1" 25.4
GAS032SS G11/4" 32.4
GAS040SS G11/2" 38.4
GAS050SS G2" 50.4
GAS065SS G21/2" 63.2
GAS075SS G3" 75.4
GAS100SS G4" 100.3
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