Type EC DIN2828 Camlock Coupling Male Adapter X Smooth Hose Shank

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Type DF DIN2828 Camlock Coupling

Male Adapter X Smooth Hose Shank

Standard : EN14420-7(DIN2828) 

The European standard EN 14420-7:2004 replaces DIN 2828,witch was applied to cam & groove couplings manufactured to A-A-59326A. A flat thread seal has been added to the female threaded parts and a smooth hose shank has been added for assembly with DIN 2817 safety clamps.


1.Handles are made of stainless steel AISI 304 asa standard. 

2.Camlock are capable of transporting liquids,solids and gases,except liquid gas and steam. 

3.Coupling with multi-serrated hose shank & collar are available on customer's request. 

Type EC


Male Adapter X Smooth Hose Shank

DIN - E075SS 3/4"
DIN - E100SS 1"
DIN - E125SS 1-1/4"
DIN - E150SS 1-1/2"
DIN - E200SS 2"
DIN - E250SS 21/2"
DIN - E300SS 3"
DIN - E400SS 4"
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