Gas Drainage Hole Packer

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Consists of high pressure expansion hoses, middle steel pipe, sliding sealing coupling and pressure injection coupling.


Water injection at coal seam, gas suction and discharge.

Technical Parameter:

1. Diameter: 60~150mm(can be customized)

2. Working pressure: 1~6Mpa(can be customized)

3. Operating speed of fluid: 5-8 tons per hour, the amount of gas depending on concentration and pressure.

4. Expansion index: 60~100%


1. Water injects into the coal seam and releases partial gas, effectively reduces the amount of gas at coal seam.

2. Once the effect of water injection is reached, it can reduce over 80% of dust power and improve working atmosphere, protect from dust explosion.

3. It can moist coal seam and protect coal from self-flaming.

4. Once the system of suction and discharge drilling hole is adopted, the amount of gas and drilling cuttings could be obviously increased, effectively releases gas pressure and prevent incidents when exploring.

5. It solves limitation in coal cutting and drilling matters, effectively prevent gas explosion.

Inner Diameter (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Expansion Range (mm)Working Pressure (Mpa)Testing Pressure (Mpa)Burst Pressure (Mpa)
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